A Letter From The CEO

Dear Community,

Before I begin, may I take a quick second to talk about alignment? I have just traveled to the U.K. and today, the U.K. has finally announced medicinal cannabis products to be legalised! This is great progress and so exciting to be a part of this history in the making! I am thrilled to be a part of this movement, beyond the states, and now here! Everyone is recognizing it and I am elated to begin building a plan to expand globally. You could not make this up – the timing is impeccable.

This is another step towards making our mission become a little bit easier to achieve. I am very excited for the families and individuals that are going to benefit from this.

We are three weeks into being a new start-up company & I would love to take a moment to thank all of your for your overwhelming support. It is a very exciting time and I am lucky to have the best team by my side to make this all happen!

I was in finance for about seven and a half years. It was a difficult decision for me to leave my successful career and embark on this new journey. With so many life changing events happening for me, 2018 has been a year of great change for my family and I.

My co-founder, Taylor & I originally planned to start Supportive Naturals as a non-profit and help a select group of people back in October. As we continued our work together, we soon realized that this was something much bigger than the both of us and the impact could expand to a much greater reach. Taylor has such an incredible story, and I personally connected to it. When I think about my grandmother and what she had to go through, it’s a constant reminder of how powerful and how positive the work that we are doing is. It’s the stories like these that affect so many more people than just the person involved; it affects, the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. And so this is our why and our mission: We aim to progress the CBD Movement. Our mission is to help people and their families by breaking down barriers, challenging perceptions, and offering high quality CBD.

We want to make sure that it’s the stories like that these that never go unnoticed. Let us know how we can support you or anyone that you know that might be impacted. Join me and my team in this movement. I am thrilled we get to start Supportive Naturals!

With love & respect, 

Monique Sar
Co-Founder & CEO

Letter from CEO

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